Home Entertainment Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode Update 6th Dec 2021: Suhani Gets Injured

Sirf Tum Today’s Written Episode Update 6th Dec 2021: Suhani Gets Injured


The 6th December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum will commence where Ranveer stops Suhani and makes her understand that she wants to become a doctor, and everyone knows that how a doctor deals with a patient. But her nature is totally different as she does not consider her health first, as recently she got an injury. Therefore, he stops peon and says that he has to give her treatment so that, her injury could heal soon as she will have more works to do and if her injury does not get removed so it will create obstacles for him during practices.

Sirf Tum Today's Written Episode Update 6th Dec 2021: Suhani Gets Injured

At the same time, he brings a first-aid box and tries to clear the stain of blood from her finger but due to pain she says that he does not need to do this, and asks him that she will take the proper cure. But meanwhile, Ranveer replies that he is very serious about his responsibilities so she should not interfere between him & that. Hence, he continues cleaning her injury and applies for medicine as well while looking at her eyes, because Ranveer loves to see her in such a manner because her simplicity attracts him a lot.

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Meanwhile, he sees her tears and gets emotional as well because he can not see her in tears hence, he gives her tissues and says that it is just a minor injury so she does not need to cry as he has applied for the medicine. But Suhani does not mention even a single word but Ranveer comes to know what she wants to say and replies that she cried for this minor injury, so when she will examine a patient for surgery then what will happen with her because as far as hee has concerned, that surgery requires more concentration because blood comes out heavily while treating.

Later, Ranveer gives Suhani a proper theoretical book of structure so that, she can understand each and everything that will help her in the future while treating someone. But this favor of Ranveer is going to impact a bit worst on Suhani because the entire college is talking about his relationship with Suhani. But as soon as Riya hears her anger goes at it’s peak because she does not want to see Ranveer with Suhani or any girls, Therefore she throws source on the face of that student who was talking about them on the campus.


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