Home Entertainment Sirf Tum Today’s Written Update 23rd November 2021: Ranveer Hits Rocky?

Sirf Tum Today’s Written Update 23rd November 2021: Ranveer Hits Rocky?


In today’s episode of Colors serial Sirf Tum, Ansh spoils the cake after seeing Ansh. He asks Rocky to leave with the cake and to further celebrate Ranveer’s defeat. Here, Dadi taunts Riya for being so rich but unable to purchase clothes that cover her body perfectly. Riya tells Dadi that it’s the latest fashion. Dadi says that she will get in trouble if Suhani’s father sees her. Riya asks Dadi not to worry as she has found out that Suhani’s father won’t be home until late at night. Later, she gifts Dadi a watch saying she bought it from the auction.

Sirf Tum Today's Written Update 23rd November 2021: Ranveer Hits Rocky?

Meanwhile, Suhani and Sudha enter the house. Riya and Ishaan see them and begin their celebration. Suhani breaks down into tears and runs to her room. Riya gets tense and asks Sudha about it. She tells her about Suhani failing in the exams and thus not getting admission to the college. Both Riya and Ishaan stand in disbelief. Here, Dadi says that she knew it as medicine is not everyone’s cup of tea. On another side, Rocky goes to Ranveer with the cake and taunts him. Ranveer gets angry and throws the cake at Rocky’s face.

Sirf Tum 23rd Nov 2021 Today’s Episode

Rocky instigates Ranveer saying if he will lick the cake out of his face. Ranveer loses his calm and was about to hit Rocky with a bottle when Ansh comes in between. He stops Ranveer from hurting Rocky and asks him to tell him what’s bothering him. Ranveer asks Rocky to mind his own business and to stay away from him. Later, Ranveer gets a call from his mother who tells him about the party organized by his father. She asks him to attend the party. Ranveer taunts her and asks her not to call it a party as it’s just another promotional event.

In the next scene, Suhani cross-checks her answers and finds out that she has written all the answers correctly. Suhani doesn’t understand how did she fail the exams when she answered the questions correctly. She hugs her doctor’s doll and asks Goddess why is she taking so many tests of her. Here, Ranveer and his friends enter the dean’s office to search for the exams papers. He finds the papers and says that no one can stop Suhani from entering the college. Meanwhile, the dean enters the room and asks Ranveer about his presence there. For more Sirf Tum updates, follow our site.


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