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Sirf Tum Written Update 9th December 2021 Episode: Ranveer Tries To Talk To Suhani


Today’s written update of Sirf Tum of 9th December 2021 starts with John asking Ranveer not to worry as Ms Zimmedari will soon come. Ranveer tells him that he is tense thinking about what happened yesterday. Raghav says that he wants to know what happened but no one is telling him anything. Meanwhile, Suhani comes with Rhea. Suhani’s gaze falls upon Ranveer and she says that she doesn’t want to be hereafter whatever took place yesterday. Rhea promises Suhani about the party being an ice-breaker between juniors and seniors and asks her not to leave.

Sirf Tum 9th Dec 2021

Later, Rhea asks Ranveer not to try to talk to Suhani after what he did yesterday. Ranveer gets frustrated thinking about what even happened and asks Suhani to answer. Here, Ansh, Rishi, and Rocky ask Suhani if her misunderstandings got cleared. Ansh says that he can read minds and says that Suhani will not be talking to Ranveer. However, Rishi says that Suhani will definitely perform today. Here, Ranveer goes to Suhani and asks her why she is behaving in such a way. When she doesn’t respond, Ranveer holds her hands. Suhani asks him to leave her hand.

Sirf Tum Written Update

Ranveer gets worried about Suhani as he feels the latter is having a high fever. He asks John to bring some medicines for Suhani and makes her sit. Then, Ranveer asks the waiter to bring warm water for Suhani. Later, Ranveer asks Suhani to tell what even happened yesterday. He further promises her that he won’t trouble her from now on. He asks Suhani if someone has troubled her. Suhani asks Ranveer to let it be as she is not his responsibility. Ansh looks at them and says “wait and watch”. Here, Rhea goes to the stage and announces that they are about to present an amazing performance.

Suhani looks at Rhea and feels sleepy. Once the dance performances end, seniors ask the juniors to come to the front and introduce themselves. However, Suhani starts to behave strangely which makes Ranveer worried. Ansh asks Suhani to come and introduce herself. Suhani holds the mic and tells “Hi” to everyone. Suhani introduces herself while Ansh records her video. Ranveer asks Suhani to come down but the latter refuses to and says that she is no one’s responsibility here. She asks if she should put this on the notice board. Stay tuned to this space for more latest written updates of Sirf Tum.


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