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Sirisha Bandla 2nd India Born Girl Going To Space Check Her Biography Bio Age


Hello, all the peers, one of the most affluent news is coming straight from Hyderabad. As per the latest reports, one of the space enthusiasts Sirish Bandla belongs from Hyderabad a Telugu origin woman got a splendid chance to make her all dreams come true. Well, Sirisha has been appointed to join the board along with Virgin Galactic, it is going to release its tested spaceflight on coming 11 in the month of July. It is being said that Sirisha will be one of the crucial members of the entire operation. The founder of the company made a statement that she will be the chief support of the operation.

Sirisha Bandla

The founder of the organization Branson who wants to beat the along with billionaire Jeff Bezos in the terms of space researches. Richard Branson organisation lately announced about its upcoming project wherein it is all set to send its fourth spaceflight to space. The latest test spaceflight will take off from New Mexico carrying the full crew of company operators. Besides, Richard Branson of the organisation is going to be collaborated along with Virgin Galactic to execute the complete operation.

The chief astronaut and instructor Beth Moses, chief operations engineer Colin Bennett along with Sirisha Bandla who will be from government affairs. The rocket ship also includes pilot Dave Mackay accompanied by Michael Massucci going to control the spaceflight after its take-off. It has been finalized that the spacecraft loaded with the decided company employees and operators will take off on 11th July 2021. According to the organisation, this will be a whole new beginning of the advanced space age. So, after the organization burn the midnight oil now looking forward to this crucial operation.

Besides, Sirisha Bandla makes to walk the entire nation with their head held high. Sirisha was born in Andhra Pradesh, India and raised in Houston, Texas. She is keen to learn about space since her childhood, as she grew up her interest grow up along with her. Her interests made her pursue a bachelor degree in aeronautical-astronautical engineering from Purdue. She also possessed an MBA degree from George Washington University. After getting her bachelor’s degree she started working in CSF(Commercial Spaceflight Federation).

She also acknowledged the Youth Star Award by the Telugu Association of North America. As of now, she is associated with the government affairs and business development wing of Virgin Galactic. We hope that Sirisha will break the leg for sure. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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