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Sixth Sense 4 Today’s Episode 28th August 2021 Find Out Guest Details & Performances


Ohmkar’s Sixth Sense is becoming the reason to stick to the television for many people. The makers of this show have tried hard to make it way captivating to watch and no doubt they got succeeded in this and as the show is airing its 4th season so this is enough to show the popularity of the game show. However, there are many shows people love to watch but when it comes to SS things get more entertaining. You must be keen to know about the latest episode so stick around as we are jumping the gun for our readers.

Sixth Sense 4

If you are a true lover of the show so you must be in the swim that Sixth Sense has completed 22 super captivating episodes sp far where all the invited guests showed their sense in the games and made their fans proud of them. Coming to the latest episode so tonight you will watch your favorite Ram Prasad, Fiama, and Immanuel, Varsha. However, the games will be the same and the tasks as well but only one thing that will be a reason to watch the show tonight, are guests. Till now we have seen so many personalities that have played games very well using their senses but this time all the 4 contestants or better say guests will grace the show.

As always the games will be the same where these 4 guests will be divided into two teams and both team’s players will be performing the tasks to win the games. After watching the promos one thing is clear that tonight’s episode is going to be way entertaining and funny than you have ever seen before because in one of the latest promos uploaded on Star Maa’s official Twitter account Immanuel and Varsha both are looking so energetic on the set so no doubt their energy will fill more energy to your mind and will make your watch time enjoyable.

All three rounds Sight, Touch, and Touch will be played by the 4 guests tonight, and watching this is going to be so interesting that how will they perform their tasks and make their place in the show. The Telugu reality game show has been managing its fan base among its fans from the very first episode and now when the show has completed its 101 episodes totally no doubt upcoming episodes are going to be more captivating so stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on reality shows of Telugu region.


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