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Sixth Sense Latest Episode 31st July 2021: Manjunath, Lasya, Yashwanth & Varsha Grace The Show


From 12th of June to 25th of July the reality game show called Sixth Sense has completed its 14 episodes of the 4th season and tonight there will be some more rocking tasks and enjoyment in the latest episode of the show. As you all know that the show has been managing its popularity among the audience very well and as always tonight there will be the guest who will make your weekend spend good. The reality game show in the Telugu language will bring some more fun tonight for the viewers with the two special guests on the set tonight.

Sixth Sense show

In the 15th episode of the show, we will watch two couples on the set Manjunath & Lasya Manjunath and Yashwanth & Varsha. The four faces are so famous among the audience and have appeared in several shows. Talking about the tasks so as always there will be three rounds in which they have to perform well to win the prize money. In the three tasks, they will perform and be stuck but the audience will laugh at their senses to get the conclusion. You all know about the three tasks where they just have to perform using the right way and the way should be different from others that have played before. The show is getting much love from the audience and this is the reason that the game show is currently broadcasting its 4th season and making its audience feel over the moon.

Presented by Ohmkaar the show was started in March 2018 and just after the first season’s success makers have decided to bring some other seasons and no doubt that games and tasks are the same but the deal to watch is contestants and there are plenty more celebs who everyone loves to watch using their brain to get the better performance. In the first season there were 21 episodes, in the 2nd season there were a total of 30 episodes, in the 3rd season there were 31 episodes and in the 4th season we are griping every single episode and as per the all the previous seasons saying this won’t be bad that there will be some extra episodes.

Before starting the real game or tasks there are some little games that are not really little because contestants have to play the three rounds Sight, Sound, and Touch and after scoring in these three rounds contestants go further and who score high in these rounds gets a chance to start the other three rounds. Well, no doubt the episode is going to be so amazing so don’t forget to watch the complete episode and stay tuned with us to read more episodes.


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