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Skeem Saam 23rd & 24th September 2021 Episode Spoilers: Lehasa Visits His Lover’s (Parents) House


The quite popular South African TV drama Skeem Saam is bringing a high voltage drama for the fans, that will make you surprised. Because in the upcoming episode you will watch that Lehasa Visits his lover’s parents’ house, and they get shocked to see Lehasa. Because no one expected him there even her lover is not understanding what is going on with him. Because spontaneously she took place there which is quite shocking. His arrival is going to set havoc among them, and this is the reason everyone would like to know more about the recent episode.

Skeem Saam 23rd sep 2021

Then Lehasa nice being the father of pretty’s baby someone who is familiar lord Lisa’s wife caught him while meeting with his new bae in the streets of the turf loof. As soon as the suspense is unleashing the show is becoming the subject of discussion among the viewers, who never miss even a single episode of it. It is being said that Lehasa is a very big cheat because all his actions are pointing his nature, even her lover is getting worried because the circumstances have overturned totally. So now what is going to happen in their life is interesting to watch.

Now the entire attention has been grabbed by Pretty’s actions that what she will do this time, as everyone knows that she is a very strict mother. Therefore can not even get a heart attack, at the same time, Lehasa denies being the father of the child in front of her. Plenty of questions are popping out now because the story is getting a lot of turning points which makes it a bit confusing too. But gradually all doubts will be clear as the telecasts go ahead, but now Pretty, Lehasa, and child grabbing the highlights.

When to comes to the show, so it is the highest TRP rating drama in South Africa because almost everyone likes to watch the show, due to the extraordinary star cast and story plot. All attractive faces are playing the lead role and their acting skills are putting the four moons in the show. Ever since it was released on SABC 1 channel it made the viewers crazy totally, and due to their craze, it has got the title of most-watched television drama. So now all enthusiastic twists and turns are taking place in the show, which will make you entertain up to the next level for sure, so watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.



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