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Smart Router: A Solution to Internet Issues


Let’s be honest, without the internet our lives pretty much come to a halt. As much as we wouldn’t want to admit it, the internet is the driving force behind everything – all the video calls we make, all the games we play online, and uploading assignments or projects whether it’s school or work-related. You get the point. 

The internet is what we use to communicate, keep in touch with friends and family, conduct business, etc. These are all broad explanations which when broken down into, would make sense as to how the internet plays a crucial role in even the smallest steps involved for each of them. 

So what happens when there are internet connectivity issues? Ideally, you would check with your internet service provider, like Xfinity customers can call up Xfinity customer service or simply visit here to have the issue sorted. Sometimes the problems are from the provider’s end but a lot of the time other factors impact internet connectivity.

Factors Affecting Internet Connectivity 

As we already mentioned above, most of the time there are external factors that have an impact on internet connectivity.

  1. Devices Connected to the Internet

The number of devices connected to the home Wi-Fi or the network really does impact the performance. Multiple devices connected, with various uses of the internet can slow down the speed. And it’s not only when apps are in use – your smartphone apps still use the internet in the background.

  1. Location

The location could refer to two things: the place where you put your modem and routers, and secondly the locality of your area.

Routers provide coverage to a certain area from where they’re placed. But there’s one thing though, things like walls, furniture, and doors can act as hindrances preventing signals from passing through. They should also ideally be placed somewhere above the ground and near rooms that are usually occupied. 

  1. The Network’s Technology

As we mentioned above that the locality of your area matters when it comes to internet connectivity, it could mean the kind of technology the provider uses. 

Here’s a little information: the internet is transmitted (in today’s day) via cable or fiber-optic cable. The infrastructure in the majority of the states across the country supports cable internet, whereas fiber optic is a fairly new technology that only a few providers have. 

Fiber-optic is faster than cable internet, however, it really depends on what provider is available in your area, and what technology they use. Click here to check what kind of services different ISPs provide.

  1. Peak Hours

If you hadn’t heard of this before, then peak hours are a thing. There are certain hours of the day when there is a lot of traffic on the provider’s network. 

Take your university’s network for instance. During lunch break and at day’s end you would find the internet having issues because the majority of the population on campus is excessively using the internet at the same time. 

Why You Should Invest In a Smart Router

Sounds expensive right? A smart router. What exactly is it about this device that makes it smart? Let’s take an example to explain the device better. 

The Google Nest Wi-Fi Router is a top contender when it comes to smart routers. So what is it that’s so special about this device that you should consider investing in it? Well for starters, the Nest Wi-Fi Router can provide seamless internet coverage to a total area of 2200 square feet. 

Now when it comes to connecting devices, the device can simultaneously support multiple devices connected to it – without any of them suffering in terms of speed or connectivity issues. With that, you can control the device from the Google Home mobile app too.

Since you have control of the Nest Wi-Fi router from the app, you can control its settings. And by settings we mean you can customize the usage activity for each device. Set a time after which the kids’ iPad can’t connect to the network, or set parental permissions to prevent access to certain content. 

The device lets you control your network the way you want it to be while protecting it from any sort of malware too. 

Is The Device Worth It?

If you ask us, we’ll tell you it’s worth it, and with a good reason. Imagine not having issues while streaming your TV series while your sister is in the middle of an online gaming session in the next room. Or the video call lagging when you leave your room and walk into the living room. Such small things really can be annoying when your internet connectivity is weak because of external factors. 

That is why it’s wise to invest in a smart router. Not only would you be able to enjoy seamless internet connectivity, but they come with a ton of other features that are pretty useful for the household. 


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