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sMothered Season 4 Episode 5 Release/ Air Date on TLC? Check Upcoming Spoilers


TLC’s Smothered is one of the most watched and buzzing shows of current times. The show has been quite popular among the audiences. People are addicted to reality shows and can’t miss watching them by chance. So we have a treat for all the smothered fans. In today’s article, we will provide you with an update regarding the upcoming episode of Smothered. Stay tuned till the end to know all about it.

sMothered Season 4 Episode 5

Although Smothered is one of the most popular shows of current times, but still many people are there who don’t about it, so Smothered is a show which features a bond between Mothers and daughters. Coming back to the upcoming Episode of Smothered, this week’s episode has been titled ‘let’s talk about sex this topic is going to be a bit uncomfortable for the audiences. Both of them will see crossing lines in the name of unconditional and true love. Well, many people love these things, but a large amount of the audience does not like this and they do get uncomfortable from this.

This season of Smothered has been very different and cool because this season featured a trans cast member onboard. The trans cast member is Shay. Shay believes that every mom and daughter relationship and bond should be very close and as she and Angie share. Although Shay also stated that she does believe in maintaining some boundaries. In earlier episodes, Shay stated about the discomfort she faces duo a lack of Boundaries in her relationship. Coming to Cristina and Kathy, in the short promos we saw a massive shouting between the two. Both of them have been seen screaming at each other. The scream happened due to Cristina and her husband expanding their business.

Cristina who finally thought she got her daughter back after the two started living 4 doors away from each other, is now upset with her daughter for taking on more responsibility at the restaurant. When Carlo tries to intercept and calm things down Kathy yells at him and shuts him down. Although the other smothered pairs are seen not having any arguments or screaming. Except for these two pairs rest others are doing fine and drama is expected for them in the upcoming episode.

Smothered is one of the most loved and buzzing shows of current times. TLC is known for bringing reality shows like this. TLC network provides a wide range of Family reality shows for the audiences, some of these are Love Mama’s boy, outdaughtered and Unpolished. These all are the most popular and most adored reality shows by the TLC network. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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