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Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Spoilers Release Date & Time: How And Where To Read?


The most awaited Anime series calls Solo Leveling return will release another overwhelming chapter 156, and the date of it already has been liberated by the makers of it. So plenty of people are desperately want to get the date of it so that, they can feel their soul blessed to stream it. The Buzz regarding the spoiler has created havoc among the die-hard fans of it, so below you will get to know the exact date of release, Spoiler details, cast, and many more which would make your work comfy.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Spoilers Release Date & Time: How And Where To Read?

As per the spoiler details, whereas Seoul toil is trying his best to create proximate havoc in South Korea. Meanwhile, Hunters come to stop the circumstances in many parts of the world. Although, Thomas Andre and Lennart Niermann are one of them who are present to prevent the world from the occurrence. There are plenty of possibilities that it would be the piece of cake raid, but it’s not easy to finish it comfortably for both of them. Jin-Woo will be an integral part of it whose will be needed in most of the proceedings.

The buzz regarding Solo Leaving Chapter 156 depends on Cha-hee-In’s date along with Jin-Woo. However, the gate would be opened within 48 hours and therefore there are massive chances of their date. The Anime will get the Korean edition first, and later it would release in different languages. Because as per the sources, after the Korean edition it will commence in the English language as well. Because uncounted people are waiting for these 156 chapters of Solo Leveling.


As per the recent reports, the English version of the Solo Leveling chapter 156 will release 16th July 2021, and the timings of it are given below so check it:-

  • India:- 08:00- 11:30 PM
  • CT- 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM
  • ET- 12:00 PM-04:00PM
  • UK- 3:00- 7:00PM

The Solo Leveling Chapter 156 spoiler, S-Rank gate would open within 2 days, and numerous devils take place and many hunters are in Seoul and only Thomas Andre and Lennart Niermann are available there. Jin-Woo also a part of them and ready to stop them at the gate due to hunting, but the twist is in the street of Seoul there is a mysterious character is roaming which seems venomous and dangerous. Because the character is expressing their rage with blood in short, the story is fully loaded with extraordinary action. So do not forget to stream it at the time of releasing and for more updates stay tuned with us.


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