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South African Director Franz Marx Dies At 79 Check Cause Of Death How Did He Die?


The popular South African film director Franz Marx has passed away at the age of 79. His death news came forward as a shocker. It is said that the master storyteller died on Saturday, September 25, 2021, in the evening. Since then the heartbreaking news has been surfacing on social media and several people are paying him heartfelt tributes. Franz Marx’s passing has deeply affected his family and close ones who are mourning. However, people are also wondering about his cause of death and want to know how did he die. Here’s everything we know about it.

South African Director Franz Marx Dies At 79 Check Cause Of Death How Did He Die

It has been confirmed that the South African filmmaker has died this Saturday and has left a grieving world behind. Franz’s family came forward and shared the devastating news. They confirmed his sudden death on Sunday and also disclosed his cause of death. As per the family’s statement, the director was suffering from the ongoing deadly virus and while battling the same he lost his life. The 79-years-old couldn’t defeat the virus that has taken plenty of lives so far and took his last breath on 25th Sept. Besides, not much information about his health condition at the time of his death is available.

Franz Marx Cause of Death

Ever since the death news was announced many of Franz Marx’s friends and actors and producers who he had worked with came forward to express their sadness. Steve Hofmeyr, the South African singer, took to his Twitter and wrote that he is shocked beyond words after hearing the sudden passing of his friend and mentor. He added that different generations will remember his contributions and how he brought soapies to Africa. Steve was deeply saddened by the passing of Franz. Another personality, Willem Noordman also paid the producer a tribute and wrote “RIP Franz Marx!”

Talking about Franz Marx a bit, the producer rose to fame by his work in “Egoli: Place of Gold and Ager Elke Man”. The movie helped him gaining huge popularity and he started getting recognition for his work as well. With his hard work and passion, his movies started to attract plenty of viewers who appreciated his work. Franz’s skills also helped him earn followers from other corners of the world and his movies also left a mark on the spectators. Besides his work, it is speculated that Franz Marx was not married and had no wife or children. However, it’s just speculation and no confirmation of the same is being made.


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