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South Korea’s Seoul Halloween Stampede: At Least 151 Dead, 150 Others Injured After Crowd Surge


South Korea’s Seoul Halloween Stampede: At Least 151 Dead, 150 Others Injured After Crowd Surge:- These days, the entire world is facing trouble because hardly a day must have gone such that no bad incident comes in front of everyone, and now these deadly incidents have started happening more during the festive season because no festival is left safe as it has happened recently. Yes, you heard right, currently, South Korea is going through such circumstances since the Halloween crush became the cause of more than 120 departures along with 100 injured. Even the video of the incident has also come to the fore, which is enough to convey the terror, below you can explore further information.

South Korea's Seoul Halloween Stampede At Least 151 Dead 150 Others Injured After Crowd Surge

As per the exclusive reports or sources, barely a day would have passed of coming to the shocking footage out and in spite of this, uncounted reactions have been posted by the entire world. As uncounted are praying for the safety of those who are fighting for their lives in the hospital. Because no one had even imagined that something worst will occur during Halloween, which almost everyone waits for but this Halloween week proved to be lethal for the entire of South Korea as it left the civilians with worst memories because many lost their close ones due to the incident. 

South Korea’s Seoul Halloween Stampede Killed 151

Reportedly, the death toll has jumped odd 59 to 120 in the last few hours which is horrific enough, even the video from Seoul’s Itaewon district show bodies bag on the roads and streets where the medical team is providing CPR to the victims while rescuing the others as the immense crowd turned fatal for them.

But till now the cause behind the crush is still remaining ascertained while, the investigation is brought ahead by the concerned authorities so that the exact numeric of the deceased could come out because 120 is being approx while the numbers are continuously enhancing as now a few reports are claiming 150 deaths. 

Initially, the concerned authorities got the call from those who were having the chance to make themselves safe and this is the reason, they informed the concerned authorities and asked them to come fast before its too late as the circumstances were continuously turning worst. Therefore, when the police reached there they found the immense crowd was pushing itself forward and backward because of which, the people were having breathing issues. So here we have mentioned such details and when something will come out we will update you, stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.


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