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Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 8 Release Date, Time Spoilers Alert and Preview


On Thursday, 4th August 2022 the 7th episode of “Southern Charm Season 8” broadcasted on Bravo, and set an immense fire among the streamers especially those, who are becoming the witness of each episode for a very long. Through the episode, Venita Aspen appeared to discuss the memory of her childhood along with her mother. The episode was totally overwhelming as it has been watched by plenty of people, but spontaneously a few facts turned into controversy during the conversation, and therefore, fans started criticizing Venita Aspen. Below you could get accurate information along with some untold facts you need to know.

Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 8

Reportedly, her mom entered the show as a guest and talk about her feelings for post-Olivia Flower’s commemoration, and then, the show caught the heat as they began with the accusation while blaming newcomers for racism. As the consequence, she did not greet Venita at her Oyster party, where almost everyone was invited from Charleston. Besides all these, she welcomed Austen Kroll’s ex and Madison LeCroy but did not invite Venita, she didn’t even let the news come to her that she has a party at home where everyone is coming to put the cherry on the cake. 

Why Fans Are Criticizing Venita?

During the show, Venita continuously asked her mother about the reason for her separation, and why her father is not with them. Further, she mentioned, that she has a right to know the reason behind the separation, as she suffered a lot because of them. However, her mother was appearing uncomfortable, as she was not able to speak the truth on national television. But after questioning plenty of times, she had to reveal the reason by mentioning that “her father left them because of infidelity”. But in spite of this, Venita accused her mother of not elaborating on how to deal with the difficult circumstance.

Ever since, the episode is broadcasted on Television Venita started receiving immense backlash because no one has a right to make their own mother feel let down especially when she is on national television. This is the reason, several reactions are also being posted by the users while expressing their rage. Therefore, a flood of heavy reactions is spotted on her profile, and still, she is being criticized by the users. Here, we have mentioned such details and if you want to get a bit deeper then you could search for the controversy, and for more details stay tuned with us.


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