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Splitsvilla 14 Full Episode 7th January 2023 Dome Session Begins Check Vote Out Elimination


Hello, all the Splitsvilla X4 (14) enthusiasts, finally the weekend is here with the fresh broadcastings of your favorite dating reality show, as the Saturday, 7th January 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with dome session task, where the contestant will dump a pair whose involvement is less than them and do not deserve to be inside the villa and therefore, now the reactions commenced on social networking sites from the side of those who are watching the show from the starting. So below you can explore the further information you need to know.

Splitsvilla 14 Today's Episode

The episode begins, where host Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone ask Mehak and her pair to test in front of the Oracle about their ideal match, as she would decide whether are they a good ideal match or not. But unfortunately, she comes with disappointment as Oracle denies to give her the tag of ideal pair. This is the reason, she breaks down in tears as well but hr partner consoles her by mentioning that she does not need to think more about all these, as she will definitely become the ideal match with someone, but she does not stop crying.

Splitsvilla 14 Vote Out 7th Jan 2023

Meanwhile, Parakshi comes as she tries to make her calm down while consoling her and says that she does not need to worry because the show commenced a few weeks ago and soon she will get the tag if she comes with someone as an ideal one. But she has been affected to such an extent and leaves the place too, Parakshi goes to Kashish and asks him to talk to her so that, they can sort things out with each other and come out as a pair again. So Kashish goes to talk to her but she is not ready to hear anything as she will take time to overcome.

Initially, Kashish denies it because he has already become an ideal match with Akashleena and therefore it would not be great to make her understand about certain things but in spite of this, he goes to her and talks as well so that, she could feel comfortable and get the strength back to survive in the show. So the makers have also dropped the exclusive promos officially through which you will get the answers of those, which you want to get. So watch it on MTV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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