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Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Latest Episode 25th September 2021 Semi-Finale Task Elimination Vote Out


The quite sensational dating reality show Splitsvilla X3 has back along with the 30th episode where the viewers will become witnesses of the Semi-Finale task. It is being told that the episode of 25th September 2021 will be more spectacular where all the contestants will compete with each other to win the semi-finals, as the show does not have much time to end. In short, no one would like to take chance as the show has now reached such a stage from where one can win it and make it on their name, get to know more check the details below.

splitsvilla x3 winner

In the upcoming episode, you will watch that the task will consist of two sets, a tug of the war-like task will be fought along with great determination. Although, the four pairs are reaching the semi-finals will compete against each other in the second task and it is being said that Archery-related task will take place. This action-packed task will be a fight for Dhruv and Sapna against eliminations. However, Pallak and Shivam will win the first task comfortably, similarly, Jay and Aditi will win the second task which is much more difficult than the first one.

Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Semi Finale

  • Jay and Aditi
  • Piyush and Avantika
  • Sapna and Dhruv
  • Nikhil and pallak.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, contestant Sapna will get eliminated through the coming episode along with Dhruv. Although they won’t get the chance to enter the Wild Villa, and if we pay some more attention to the Splitsvilla X3 finalists. So Boombaam couples will dominate the finals of it. Pallak and Shivam are the winners of the Splitsvilla X3 semi-finale task, even Adity and Jay are the other semi-finalists. These are the contestants who will next compete against each other in the grand finale episode, to make the show on their name.


  • Shivam ad Pallak
  • JAY and Aditi

The Grand Finale of Splitsvilla X3 will be broadcasted in the next week, Although there is a lot of suspense around the Splitsvilla X3 winner, and if the sources are to be believed so Jay and Aditi will take over the show for sure as winners. From the very beginning, the show is making the audience entertain weekly through the enthusiastic task, this is the reason everyone likes to watch the show. But now only a week is left and it will be ended, so do not miss watching it on MTV and for more details stay connected with us.


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