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Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Latest Episode 7th August 2021: Bhoomia Vs Sapna & Upcoming Dome Session Elimination


MTV’s dating show Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 has not left any moment to make its fans entertained. From the shocking eliminations to the change in the dynamics among the contestants, the show has become the perfect place to get a heavy dose of entertainment. After the surprising eviction of the charming Samarthya Gupta from the reality show, it’s unpredictable to guess what will happen in upcoming episodes. Though, curiosity to find about the new episode is evident in everyone. Let’s check the latest episode update of Ranvijay Singha and Sunny Leone’s show.

Splitsvilla X3 Elimination

The highlight of today’s episode of the show would be a catfight that will take place between Bhoomika Vasisth and Sapna Malik. During the task, the female contestants will get into a heated argument. As every weekend, one interesting task gets organized by the hosts, the contestants will be seen playing another such task in this episode as well. The new task will feature the participants pouring fish water on one another and saying something about that chosen contestant.

Splitsvilla 13 Episode

For the past few weeks, splitsvillians have been seen targeting Bhoomika in one way or another. The latest promo that has been shared by the channel shows Bhoomika accusing the contestants of writing anything about someone. She yells at them for not giving their opinion a second thought before stating anything about anyone. While Boomika loses her temper and shots at the fellow contestants, Shivam tries to calm her down.

The accusations didn’t go well by Sapna Malik who asked Bhoomika not to overreact as they are also unaware of the fact which participant is writing for whom. Besides, there is speculation that Samarthya would return to the show as a wild card entrant.┬áPresently, Samarthya Gupta has become the contestant of Wil Villa, another Voot show hosted by Nikhil Chinappa. After his elimination, his connection Nikita Bhamidaipati has gotten all alone as she is struggling to make a new connection to perform further tasks.

Talking about Gary Lu eviction, Avantika, Trevon das and Samarthya have stated that he deserved to stay in the villa and Kevin and Kat did the wrong decision considering he had won the previous task. At present, Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 have three ideal matches including Jay-Aditi, Kat-Kevin and Sapna-Dhruv. This couple holds the power to dump a couple in the upcoming dome session. What do you think about the next elimination in MTV’s show? Comment us your opinions and watch the reality show at 7 PM.


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