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Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Today’s Latest 22nd May 2021 Episode 12: “Khoob Ya Doob” Task Takes Place


MTV Splitsvilla X3 or Season 13 is witnessing some extreme change in the dynamics of the contestants. Previously Janvi Sikara and Devashish Chandiramani got dumped and entered the Wild Villa again. It was a very shocking and thriller dome session as the participants who left the show had entered a while ago. The fans were expecting much from the duo. However, the new episode with interesting tasks and challenges is all set to entertain the viewers. In today’s episode of the dating show, the male contestants will impress all the gorgeous girls through some cheesy pick-up lines.

Splitsvilla X3

Yes, Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone will introduce a very interesting task named “Khoob Ya Doob” where a set of cheesy and cute pick-up lines will be said by the boys to the female participants. Two of the boys will emerge as the winners if they succeed to impress the maximum number of girls and gain most Yayys from them. Where Shivam will attempt some Shayaris, Trevon will also try to come up with sweet lines.

Splitsvilla 13 Episode

However, the girls will find Shivam’s Shayaris a bit cringy. Besides, Sunny Leone will also jump in the task by uttering the pickup lines in pure Hindi. Other than the task, Aditi Rajput’s revelation will come as a surprise for many. She will state that when she had entered the villa, surprisingly she didn’t find the male contestants that interesting and only Gary Lu had caught her mind at that time.

Aditi revealed that she liked Gary because of his stunning personality and good looks and had not taken notice of Jay. Due to which she had thought to make things happen with Gary but unfortunately, their connection couldn’t blossom and then she found a good friend in Jay. Aditi Rajput and Jay Dudhane are currently the compatible pairs on the reality show. The contestants are showing the first compatible pair in love as they feel that the duo has emerged in each other’s love.

While a promo is doing rounds on social media where Roadies fame Sapna Malik is seen regretting her choice of decision that she made in past. The female contestant stated that she regrets not saving Devashish from getting dumped as she had thought that Kat and Kevin would choose Avantika for dumping and not Devashish. Catch the very entertaining episode of Splitsvilla X3/ Season 13 filled with fun banters and interesting arguments on MTV at 7 PM. For more updates, follow our site.


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