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SPT VS KT Live Score Match 12 Dream11 Prediction Preview RCA T10 Cup Playing XI


Hello, all the cricket enthusiasts, finally the 12th match of your favorite and highly anticipated RCA T10 Cup 2022 is set to make you feel over the top, as they are inviting the SPT vs KT teams and they are all set to wave their victory while winning the match over oppositions. The match is holding plenty of privileges which are enough to push the winning streaks of the team ahead. But before anything the enthusiasts need to know the essential match details so that, they could get the match at the correct time, below you can explore everything.

SPT VS KT Live Score Match 12 Dream11 Prediction Preview RCA T10 Cup Playing XI

Here, we have mentioned the entire match details such as prediction, preview, probable XI lineups, weather, and pitch report as well. If we talk about the preview of the SPT (Spartans) team, so they are currently standing at the 5th spot in the standings and getting the golden chance to enhance that while winning the clash otherwise they will come down a bit because this time the opposition KT (Kutchi Tigers) are also set to rule the match because it matters a lot for them and this is the reason, the match could be a bit harder.

SPT VS KT Live Score

Team:- SPT (Spartans) vs KT (Kutchi Tigers)
League:- RCA T10 Cup 2022
Timings:- 05:00 PM IST
Date:- 16th October 2022
Day:- Sunday
Venue:- Gahanga International Cricket Stadium.
Match:- 12th

On the other hand, the match is holding another overwhelming team KT (Kutchi Tigers) and they are also filled with great enthusiasm and coming to rule the match along with their players. But because of their last few matches, the team had to face the worst period as they continuously lost the matches when they needed to win all of them. This is the reason, they are standing at the bottom spot, and if they lose this match then it would be inappropriate enough. But the opposition SPT (Spartans) team is also set to get the match.

Probable XI Lineups:-

Spartann: Sh Mahebub, Ch Deju Amin, Ds Samal, Dh Kumar Parwani, Imran Luhar(wk), Jawahar Manickam, Shekh Fz Sheikh Iqbal, Dinesh Maganti, Md Zaid Khan, Uwizeyimana Ellissa, Shema David

Kutchi Tigers: Kn Dabasiya, Prince Mwizerwa, Pj Vekaria, Rakesh Vikram Singh, Dilip Vekariya, Gopal Halai©(wk), Sh Bhandari, Haresh Bhuva, Ad Bhuva, Mj Chauhan, Pr.  Hirani.


After analyzing the preview of the teams finally, the consequence has taken place while considering the match as tough enough. Because both teams are looking ahead to wave their victory but the SPT (Spartans) are holding the great chance to win it over the opposition KT (Kutchi Tigers) so now it will be amazing to watch that who will get the victory and who will lose it. So do not miss streaming it and for more details stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.


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