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SSK2 Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Written Episode 1st July 2021: Reema & Choti Simar Fight Over Aarav


The latest episode begins where Badi Maa seems angry and frustrated, she screams and walks in anger. Badi Maa says how can Narayan’s family ditches them because no one can even dare to look into their eyes. Badi Maa thinks that how did it all happen, then she thinks that Reema went out on her wedding day and in spite of knowing all this, the Narayan family made her daughter tied the knot with her grandson. This hurts Badi Maa’s ego and she continues to get uneasy.

SSK2 Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today's Written Episode 1st July 2021: Reema & Choti Simar Fight Over Aarav

Gajendra tells her that they have control over things and now when she is in our house and our daughter-in-law as well so they have to manage everything. He further says that now the other difficulty is to tell Vivaan and Aarav about the steps they have to take to live here because both of them have recently come from foreign and they are having another mindset. Gajendra tries to convince Badi Maa for Aarav that now she just has to cooperate with him because Aarav follows everything his Badi Maa says.

And now if he does what Gajendra wants to make him do so situations will be under control and fine. Badi Maa accepts his offer and says that she will make Aarav understand. There Reema has been throw out of the house by Avinash. She gets angry and says that everything is happening because of Choti Simar and she is the only reason behind everyone’s frustration. Reema yells at her saying that she has ruined her life.

She asks Choti Simar if she is happy now? Reema raises her hand towards Simar to slap her meanwhile she stops her. Reema says how dare you to hold my hand because she knows that Simar is in love with Aarav. She gets angry at her. Reema screams at her saying that she gave her bridal dress to her for some time but it does not mean that you will marry my love. Simar shouts at her angrily.

She says “now it is enough because if I’m not replying to you it does not mean everything that has happened with you is just because of me”. Simar further says “no one said you to run away from the wedding, it was your own decision and I was there just because I did not want my family crying and getting insulted in front of the entire society”. Reema says that Aarav will be her always, Simar stops him saying he is mine now because I’ve tied the knot with him. Reema shocks, the episode ends here.


  1. I don’t know why reema always like to do what she please and for choti simar I will support her in whatever she does 😊


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