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(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 Full Today’s Written Episode 3-7-2021: Vivaan To Get Engaged


Tonight’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 begins with, Vivaan awakes with a heavy mind and gets uneasy when he looks around, he thinks that where is he? He comes out of the room then he sees Reema sitting next to the window there. Reema tells him that it morning at 11 AM. Vivaan gets ill at ease and asks her if there is anything that happened between them as he was with her the entire night, he gets anxious looking at her. Reema tells him that nothing has happened between them. Vivaan takes a breathe and says thank god, he tells her that today is his engagement.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 Full Today's Written Episode 3-7-2021: Vivaan To Get Engaged

Reema smiles and wishes him the best. She tells him that today she is leaving the city forever and says him if he can say goodbye for the last time. She says that she does not have to have a right to him from this day. Vivaan tells her, he will not come to see her for the last time, and he leaves. There Chitra and Giriraj both welcome Guptaji and Kajal into their house. Gupta Ji looks around in the house and asks them about Vivaan and everyone as there is no one in the house.

Kajal there asks Giriraj if Vivaan is interested in the engagement because he is not in the house today. Meanwhile, Vivaan comes and says that he is completely interested in the engagement. Vivaan touches Gupta’s foot and takes blessings, he says that he will come after changing the clothes, he leaves. Sandhya comes there and congratulates Gupta Ji. Chitra looks at Sandhya and asks where is everyone, did she come alone? Sandhya tells her that everyone is on their way to come and they are about to reach.

She says Aditi to make tea and give that to kajal and Gupta Ji. Vivaan gets ready for the engagement and thinks about what will she wear and what suits her. Simar comes there and asks him if she can help. Vivaan gets happy seeing her and says Bhabhi… Simar says to him that he can call her friend as well. She looks around and helps him to get the perfect handkerchief match to the dress, she gets one and gives it to him.

Vivaan thinks should he tell her about Reema, then he thinks that it is not the correct time to tell her about her. He calls Simar and tells, he always used to think that he will have a special relationship with his Bhabhi whom he will love and care for and make her feel special. Simar gets happy and says that he can call her Bhabhi and consider as a good friend as well, Simar leaves. The episode ends here with some happiness of Vivaan’s engagement. Stay tuned to the site to read more further updates.


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