Home Entertainment Suman Kumari Arrested For Forcing Women Into Prostitution: Buy Why?

Suman Kumari Arrested For Forcing Women Into Prostitution: Buy Why?


Today we are going to share with you the case which creates buzz and spread widely and people are curious to know about the news that it is true or not. People want to know if it is true a famous Bhojpuri actress was arrested for being involved with and running a prostitution racket. We will try to give you all answers to all your questions related to this case. To know more details and information about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

The person we are talking about is a Bhoj puri Actress who is arrested for running and involved in a prostitution racket. The accused was an agent who force aspiring models into prostitution. This is very sad news that how can a person who is gaining a good reputation and worked hard for reached to become a successful person do this to others. How can she not think about other people? As you heard many times this proverb that all people who behave and look good on the outside do not mean they are also good a person on the inside. To know more drag down the page and continue to read.

Who Is Suman Kumari?

Bhojpuri Actress Suman Kumari

Suman Kumari is a Bhojpuri actress. who is well known for her character plays in the Lila Manjnu film. Suman is a 24-year-old actress in the Bhojpuri industry. Suman Kumari is born in 1999 and currently lives in Mumbai. She has been living in the Mumbai for past six years and gained so much popularity and fame but all her hard work get ruined by also her with involving the racket of prostitution. Her fans get disappointed and also people get angrier and said to take give strict punishment.

Now, she has been arrested for her this act red-handed. According to the reports, Suman Kumari was accused of running a prostitution racket with other agents. Many people disbelief that she could not do anything like that but it comes true when the police investigate this case. Suman was really caught red-handed by the investigation team of the Mumbai police after the cops raided a Goregaon hotel post receiving a tip-off. Her fans get really disappointed in her how could she do this to anyone? Finally, she was arrested with other agents who force Aspiring models into prostitution. Law is equal for anyone who does wrong they will be punished. If anything happens like this please inform them immediately to the police and save the lives of others. Stay tuned for more updates with the social telecast.


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