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Super Dancer Chapter 4 Latest Episode 15th August 2021 Elimination: Independence Day Celebrations Continues


Hey readers, Super Dancer Chapter 4 is completed more than 35 episodes equally well, and as we know that the Independence day special episode has begun under which, the contestants have to perform on approximately 75 types of dance styles. So through the upcoming episode, they will continue that, because only 52 dance styles have been done by them. So rest 23 styles are yet to be liberated by the contestants, and this time also Jackie Shroff, Terence Lewis, and Sangeeta Ji will be part of the show. So just be prepare yourself to catch the episode and check the details below with eliminations.

Super Dancer Chapter 4 independence day

So the upcoming episode will begin where contestant Pri will make everyone shocked through her electrifying performance with super guru Pankaj. She will create a hot environment on the stage through her performance, they choose the ” Ye Kuch Aisa Hai” song and her dance styles will put the four moons on the stage which is quite amazing to watch. Their each move seems adorable and hence, no one will be able to shift their eyes even a bit from her especially special guest. Because their performance is going to be super amazing, so just gearing up yourself to watch them.

During their performance, Sangeeta Bijlani Ji does not top herself and starts praising them because of this kind of talent and performance she has never seen before. Meanwhile, she gives them a compliment that Pankaj is very nice choreographer as everyone knows but Pari is literally fantabulous. Because of her expression, the way of moving and timing is outstanding and her Karizma is going on in Super Dancer Chapter 4. In short, she addresses Pari overwhelming contestants, even rest of the guest also get shocked to see her performance, because she chooses too difficult dance form, and their any flaw can ruin the performance.

As we have mentioned that on the occasion of Independence day all contestants and Super Gurus got a challenge to execute 75 types of Dance forms. Under which more than 50 has been completed in yesterday’s episode. Because many contestants have performed such as Vartika Jha and Sankchit, Pratiti and Shweta, but due to some problem this time Shubhranil will not perform with Prithviraj and therefore he got the chance to perform with another super guru. So many performances hit the bricks and touched the heart of the audience and judges too, through which a few super moments also counted. So do not miss watching it on Sony Tv and for more details connect with us.


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