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Super Singer Season 8: 19th September 2021 Episode Pre Finale 6 Finalists Name Elimination?


Super Singer 8, Vijay TV popular reality show, has almost reached its decisive phase. The season managed to maintain its place in the TRP and entertained the viewers pretty well. Now, SS8 is all set to find its winner who will lift the trophy. Currently, there are six finalists in the singing show. Through their brilliant performances, the contestants left the other participants behind in the race and secured a place in the Pre Finals. Here, in this article, we will cover the highlights of today’s episode of 19th September 2021. We will also find out if elimination will take place tonight or not.

Super Singer Season 8

The channel released some promos on its social media platforms. Besides, Disney+Hotstar also dropped an interesting promo so that the viewers get a glimpse of what would happen in the latest episode. As mentioned above, the show will feature a power-packed Pre Finals where the six finalists will battle against one another by giving tough competition. No doubt, they have come far but everyone desires victory. Tonight, the contestants will give their possible best performances and will show their unmatched talent to move one step closer to the upcoming Grand Finale.

In the last week, a wild card round was held where the previous contestants of the season had arrived to secure a chance to enter the show. However, only one contestant could win among the plenty of contestants. Based on the public votes and polls, the makers had to decide which wild card contestant will join the finalists. After the final votes, Sridhar Sena was declared the winner in the show. As everyone is aware how the elimination of Sena had affected the fans who started bashing the judges and the makers for being partial, his reentry brought a happy wave among the viewers.

Later, the judges surprise another contestant Manasi. The latter was also declared the winner making the latter cry tears of joy. With that, the show got its top 6 finalists who will battle further for the coveted titles. The finalists include Bharath, Abhilash, Manasi, Sridfhar Sena, Muthu Sirpi, and Anu Anand. They will perform in the Pre Finals tonight and as per reports, one contestant might get eliminated. However, it is not sure. The finalists might enter the final that is scheduled for the next week. The fans are excited to watch their favourite contestants perform for the last time. Watch Super Singer Season 8 on Vijay TV and follow our site for more updates.


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