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Super Singer 8 (SS8) Today’s Episode 10th July 2021: Contestants’ Face-Off In ‘Eetiki Round’


The singing reality show ‘Super Singer Season 8’ has been entertaining the viewers since its beginning. From top-class performances to shocking eliminations, the show keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. In today’s episode of SS8, the ‘Eetiki Potti’ round will take place that means ‘face-off’. The top contestants who have secured their positions in the show will come face to face and give a never forgettable performance. Vijay TV has released a series of mesmerizing promos where the participants are seeing performing while the judges are giving their judgment after observing them briefly.

Super Singer 8 (SS8) Today's Episode 10th July 2021: Contestants' Face-Off In 'Eetiki Round'

Just like every weekend, tonight’s episode is also going to super interesting as the promos look promising. Since it’s a face-off, the existing contestants will have to perform against one another. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the latest episode is who goes against whom. However, the suspense will only get revealed when the show gets air but we can definitely provide you with some spoilers. As per online sources, Adithya will battle against Maansasi.

The duo will have to knock each other down through their extraordinary performance and will also have to obtain a good judgment to win the round. While performing, both Maanasi and Adithya will be seen determined to get the victory. They will show a kind of anger that will depict their motive to win the face-off round. After the duo, two other participants will perform against one another.

Yes, Iyenar and Aravind will have to face off each other next. Unlike Maanasi and Adithya, the duo will pick various modern and classic songs to give each other challenge. After their performance, the atmosphere of the set will turn competitive as it will fill other contestants with passion and zeal to outshine tonight. As per the promos, contestant Bharath will sing ‘Ennammu Kannu’ as he battles against Srdhar Sena. For those unaware, Bharath has an impressive fan following as his singing style stands him out from the crowd.

While the judges also praise his versatility every now and then in Super Singer Season 8. Besides, today’s episode will show the struggles of the contestant Muthu Sirpi during the pandemic when the show was not getting air. Muthu will perform on ‘Thirupachi Aruvaale’ and will impress everyone. The fans are anticipating the episode of SS8 as the promos are very entertaining. Watch the show on Vijay TV and catch the latest episodes on Hotstar as well.


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