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Super Singer Season 8 (SS8) 3rd July 2021 Latest Episode: Muthu Sirpi & Abhilash Mesmerize Judges


The most amazing and effusive music reality show of Star Vijay Television called Super Singer 8 is arriving towards the finale and many enthusiastic turns and Twists are coming in the show, which is contestants are having to face. But despite all this, the show is liberating the true music, which is quite meritorious, and therefore it has secured the place on the top TRP rating list. Uncounted fans are desperately waiting for the recent episode, so get to know more about it check the details given below.

Super Singer Season 8 (SS8) 3rd July 2021 Latest Episode: Muthu Sirpi & Abhilash Mesmerize Judges

The upcoming episode begins with the sizzling performance of contestant Muthu Sirpi, his melodious voice will make his fans surprised because he always lived up to their hope. This seems amazing, from the beginning he is making his supporters shocked through his astonishing singing and this is the reason behind his success. Uncounted fans of him always wait for his turn because wherever he comes on stage he sets it on the fore, and insist judges for giving him a standing ovation.

While performing his all-singing notes will fit perfectly without any mistake which indicates his true dedication towards the singing. Even the composition and musicians make his performance more emphatic, no one will able to shift their eyes from him during the performance. Because his soulful voice will make everyone connected with him and you will feel blessed to listen to him, and he will get fantabulous compliments from the judges.

Then, contestant, Abhilash will come to grace the stage through his electrifying performance, which his fans were waiting for impatiently. He will make the sacred atmosphere and everyone gets mesmerized by him because he is an owner of such an incredible voice. Even whenever his fans listen him they feel blessed because of conncetevity, therefore he has created a massive fan base. All overwhelming contestants are part of the show and hence, the show is widely popular on the south side.

The exclusive promo has been released officially by the makers in which you can easily get a glimpse of the coming episode, because somewhere the glance is enough for getting the idea about the episode. Numerous people have watched the promo who closely follow the show, and do not want to miss even a single episode at any cost. So the makers always share promos to satisfy their curiosity, because the telecast will take place at the normal timing. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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