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Sylvester Stallone & Janice Dickinson Ended Their Relationship After 25 Years Of Marriage


According to the latest reports, Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin have officially ended their relationship after being together for more than three decades. The news comes after Jennifer filed for divorce and accused the actor of moving assets from marital funds. Let us add that the couple was married for 25 years. It is also reported that Stallone, who used to have a portrait of Flavin on his bicep, recently got it covered. Now, it is coming forward that the pair have parted ways and have made it official as well.

Sylvester Stallone & Janice Dickinson

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ, Flavin said that upon information and belief, the husband has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion, or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate. It is further stated that the wife is compensated and made whole by receiving an unequal distribution of the marital assets in her favour. Moreover, the husband should be enjoined from, assigning, selling, encumbering, dissipating, or transferring any assets during the pendency of proceedings.

Talking about Stallone has been a part of the entertainment industry for more than five decades. Undoubtedly, the 76-year-old actor has had his share of heartbreaks, one of the most disheartening moments in his dating history could be the moment he found out about his daughter, Savannah, with Janice Dickson not being his. Yes, you read it right. It was reported that Savannah was not his daughter and it is no doubt to say that it was one of the most sorrowful moments for him in his dating history.

Reportedly, Stallone started dating Flavin in 1988. Within some time of dating, they got engaged. Later, Stallone called off his five-year romance with Flavin after meeting Janice. At that time, Janice had even given birth to Savannah and had claimed that it was Sylvester’s. Let us add that Savannah even got the actor’s surname at birth. When the DNA test revealed that Stallone was not the father, the pair parted ways after being engaged for several months.

Dickinson also admitted that she slept with three men in the space of a week in her autobiography titled “No Lifeguard On Duty” in 2022. Now, it is said that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer have called off their marriage. It has become the subject of discussion on social media and has grabbed the interest of the actor’s fans. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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