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Tamil Writer Sivasankari To Receive The Prestigious Saraswati Samman Award


Today we are going to talk about Sivasankari who is now getting a lot of attention and popularity on the internet. She is a Tamil Writer, an Indian author, and also one of the four Tamil writers who were asked by the U.S.L.C. (United States Library of Congress) to record her voice as part of the South Asian article. She receives an award and this news is spreading like fire on the internet on which many users of social media share their reactions to this incident. Let us know some more information related to this award incident and also talk about herself in this article, so read continuously and completely.

Tamil Writer Sivasankari

She was awarded The Prestigious Saraswati Samman Award and she received this award for the memoir ‘Surya Vamsam’ which was published in 2019 and most liked by the people. She received this award in 2022 and the KK Birla Foundation announced this news on Wednesday. This award is one of the highest recognition in Indian literature and comes along with a cash prize of Rs. 15 lakhs, a plaque, and a citation. This award is one of the three literary awards this award was made by the KK Birla foundation in 1991. At this event, the KK Birla foundation shared a statement that the memoir ‘Surya Vamsan’.

She was born in Madras, Tamilnadu on 14 October 1942 and she is currently 80 years old. She is mostly known as a successful writer and also as an Indian author. She completed his education at the Sri Ramakrishna Mission and Sarada Vidyalaya schools. Later she continues her education and finished her graduation at SIET College for Women. She wrote many kinds of books such as 47 Naatkal, Aatril Oru Kaal Setril Oru Kaal, Aayiram Kaalathu Payir, Adimaadugal, Anilgal, and many more, and also works as a filmography such as Avan Aval Adhu, 47 Natkal, etc in the film industry.

She has a massive amount of fans who are now sharing various congrats messages to her for receiving this award. Her literary career spans more than five decades and she had released 48 novellas, seven collections of essays, 150 short stories, 36 novels, 15 travelogues,  and three biographies, including one about former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Many of her novels were made into the films like Avan Aval Adhu based on her novel Oru Singam Muyalagiradhu and this film was directed by Muktha Srinivasan. Stay tuned to socialtelcast.com to get more articles on other exciting news topics.


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