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Tanjin Tisha Viral Video Gone Leaked: Scandal and Controversy


Today we are going to share with you about Tanjin Tisha whose video got a lot of attention from the people and created controversy on that video. This video got a lot of likes and views and criticize her. people want to know more about this video and what is the reason for the controversy. To know more about this drag down the page and carefully go through all the sections of this article.

Tanjin Tisha

Tanjin Tisha is going viral on all the social media platforms and everyone sharing this video which gets a lot of attention when they share this video in the name of the private video of Tanjin Tanisha.

Tanjin Tisha is a Bangladeshi-born actress, model, and television presenter. She is a tv personality who won many accolades and awards for her talent in the entertainment industry. She won Meril Prothom Alo Awards in the Best Newcomer category for her performance in the drama U-turn.

Tisha started her career as a model for the first time featuring in the advertising campaign of Robi directed by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury in 2012 and then she walked on the ramp of the Tresseme fashion show at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. She worked in several dramas including Koraban Ali Korbani, Green Card, Pendu Love, etc., and also featured in the film Tumi Robe Nirobe.

Tanjin Tisha’s video getting and circulating all over the net which has dragged the Bangladeshi actress into controversy.

In the video, we can see someone’s unambiguous moments of person and all assume that Tanisha was involved with that person but this rumor is false. Tanisha was not involved in any intimate moment then why she comes into the controversy?

We will tell you that Tanisha Tanjin was not involved in any intimate moments with someone and the video was not of her. She went viral and dragged a lot of attention towards her due to her video in which she was seen drunk and also using unambiguous words that’s why her video creates buzz on the internet.

According to the sources we get to know that which video in which Tanisha was seen drunk was captured 6-7 years old. The video was recorded when they having fun with friends and we can see in this video she was with Nafia Tushi and Sunerah Binte Kamal who having fun and also dancing in an elevator.

People and her fan criticize her and give hate comments after all of this Tanisha finally comes forward and finally said something about this controversy.

Tanish apologizes for her video to the people and share a lengthy statement on the social media post in which she wrote she did not know about this controversy because she was in the USA for 2 years and warned the person who making the video and using the title private video leaked.



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