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Tarcísio Meira Passed Away At 85 Check Cause Of Death


Tarcísio Magalhães Sobrinho prominently known as Tarcísio Meira who was one of the first actors to work with the famous Brazilian channel named Globo. The amazing and iconic actor has passed away after battling with the ongoing deadly virus. The actor died at the age of 85 after been in the hospital in his home town São Paulo for a couple of days. Meira got admitted to the hospital on the 6th of August and from the first day his health starts to get worse every day and as a result, he shifted to ICU.

Tarcísio Meira

Meira’s wife named Glória Menezes, who is 86 years old also found positive for the virus but despite living with her husband she is still recovering, and that too in a quite well manner. However, both got their two shots of the vaccine in March in the city of Porto Feliz in São Paulo where both were isolated during the pandemic. His death is one of the rare cases that found amidst pandemic because he was vaccinated and despite this, he died. However, he and his wife both were admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital in Rio de Janeiro after being diagnosed with the deadly virus where his wife had some symptoms but as per the medical reports his wife will be discharged soon.

As you all know that Tarcisio Meira performed on the theater stage in 1957 and there he did his first television character in the telenovela “Maria Antonieta” in 1961. He first appeared in a feature film named “Casinha Pequeinna,” released in 1963, and portrayed his first lead role in Brazil’s first daily broadcast telenovela, “2-5499 Ocupado.” He met Gloria Menezes on the same set and in the very first meeting they fall in love and start dating each other and the love journey started. In 1962 they spent a nuptial night and had a baby named Tarcisio Filho who is also an actor.

Tarcisio Meira was working in the Brazilian entertainment industry for almost 60 years. Talking about his carrier so he is 1963 he came into the limelight and in 2020 he appeared for the last time. IN his entire carrier he did 35 soap operas and around 23 films along with 7 super amazing series. No doubt he did so many things to entertain his audience but now the rare case of him is wrenching the heart because he and his actress wife Gloria got the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this March in Porto Feliz city but as per the reports, the vaccines were not found to be successful or better because Meira died after having the complete dose of the vaccine. As per the sources doctors are finding some more details on his death. But the reality is Iconis star Tarcísio Meira has left his fame behind. We pray that wherever he is, his soul is living in peace…


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