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Tarek Fatah Cause Of Death: Pakistani-Canadian Journalist And Writer Passed Away


We are saddened to share with you the news that a Renowned Person who was born in Pakistan and Candian famous television personality is no longer with us. He dies at the age of 73 on 24 April 2023. People are in still disbelief that he is no longer with them but also praying for him and sending their condolence to him and his family. People want to know the reason for his death and what was the exact reason for his death cause. We will try to give you all details and information about him please scroll down the case and continue to read.

We are talking about a person who dies at the age of 73 Tarek Ftah was a Canadian journalist and author and was born in Pakistan on 20 November 1949. Fateh was married to  Nargis Fatah and had two children whose name are Natasha and Nazia. Tarek Fatah was born into a Punjabi Muslim family and had to migrate from Mumbai to Karachi after the partition of India in 1947. Fatah graduated from the University of Karachi in Biochemistry. and after that, he followed his carrier in Journalism as a reporter for the Karachi Sun in 1970.

Tarek Fatah Cause Of Death

Pakistani-Canadian Writer Tarek Fatah Dies At 73

Tarek Fatah who was a famous Canadian journalist, author, Writer, and also activist dies at the age of 73 On Monday 24 April 2023 during lost his battle with Cancer. Yes, Tarek could not make it after suffering and fighting Cancer he died. This news is confirmed by his Two daughters Natasha and Nazia through the post on social media. One of his daughters Natasha wrote this in her post that Lion of Punjab.

Fatah advocated LGBT rights separation of religion and state opposition to Sharia Law. He worked in many fields and also was a multitalented person. He was a Political activist, writer, and broadcaster also. He was involved in several literary movements which were Secularism, Liberalism, and Progressivism within Islam’s social democracy. He achieved many notable awards which were the Donner Prize, Helen, and Stan Vine Candian Book Award. What was his death cause and if he died naturally to know more continue to read. Tarek called him “an Indian born in Pakistan” and “a Punjabi born into Islam” and was a vocal critic of the Pakistani religious and political establishment. Fatah also criticized the partition of India.

Many condolence and sympathy were sent to him and says that he will be remembered always he was a brave and wise person. Our condolence to him and to his family. Stay tuned for more updates on this website.


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