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Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Breakup: Why Taylor & Joe Are Not In Relationship After 6 Years


Hello readers, today we are talking about the great and most talented singer in the United States of America who won 12 Grammy awards. Yes, we are talking about the talented singer Taylor Swift. Her every song is a hit and worthy person but she and her boyfriend come into the headlines recently from a rumor that Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe  Alwyn are no longer in a relationship. Is it true or not if this is only a rumor? Let’s find out what happened to their relationship and why they broke out. To know more details please read the whole article.

As you already know Taylor Swift gives many hits songs and has a playlist of hits songs coming in the news because of her and her boyfriend’s relationship. it has been reported that she and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are no longer in a relationship. Yes, this is true after the Taylor Swift single Lavender Haze come their relationship was alright but after a week they broke up. Some say this is a dramatic act for publicity but her boyfriend said this is not a dramatic act they actually broke up. The relationship had just run its course.

Is Taylor Swift in a relationship?

According to the report, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend split their relationship under friendly terms and alleged that this act is not dramatic and not for any publicity. Joseph Matthew Alwyn is an actor and songwriter. and worked in many films. he also won Grammy awards and many other awards. They made their relationship official in May 2017. They date for 7 years and now no longer in a relationship.

But Joe Alwyn said that I would be accompanying her and helping her whenever she needs me. If he is able, they will write songs together. so many people and fans are shocked to hear this news, why they broke up? They were perfect together.

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Are Not In Relationship After 6 Years

Fans shock that how they broke up when they wrote songs and performed together even though they dated. Taylor Swift dedicate the song Gorgeous from an album of her Reputation to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn but she wanted to keep it private. Then she give hint to fans that she is a relationship in 2019 releasing the song Lover which was a super hit.

Taylor Swift’s new song Lavender Haze also is dedicated to her boyfriend she describes her relationship with Joe Alwyn. But after all this, they broke up on friendly terms. As the news of Swift and Alwyn’s split broke, the Internet took to social media to express their grief. Delete, a lot of people are asking you to delete, it’s triggering for so many people, there are people that are fainting and feeling sick, please I’m begging you to delete it, delete right now, people are crying.”one of fans said.


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