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Teri Meri Doriyaan 23 April 2023 Written Update


Hello, here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of Teri meri Doriyaan on 23rd April 2023. The latest written update of Teri meri Doriyaan.The episode starts with the scene when Angad tells that he will make Monagas life hell after a few days and he is giving him a last chance to Sahibha. Angad drops Shaibha at Monga’s house to know the truth and waits for her outside in the car. Shaibha hears the talking Manveer who is saying to Angad that he is right Monga did not deserve to be here. Shaibha scolds Angad for his double side behavior showing a good side in front of her father and then back bitting her father.

Angad warns her to stop talking and put false blame. She says if her family liars so he also because he lies to Shaiba. Manveers says she is playing the victims’ card after ruining their lives. Shahiba stops her and says conspiracies and backbiting are Manveer and her son’s talent and not Monga’s, she brought Angad’s clothes which he had left at her house. Shaibha recalls the moment when Anagad acts well with her and her family to stay at her house with his bad plans.

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update

Angad feels worried to see Manveer and goes straight to Shaiba. Sahiba says he lies to even his family and is a pure hypocritic. Shaibha walks to her room and Angad forcingly stops her and asks her what happened and why she is talking rubbish. She says she is not afraid of him.

After a few days, Gurleen says to Shaibha that Shabiba and Angad have to do rituals in Gurudwara as a couple serving on the Baisakhi festival. Manveers walks into the Gurudwara and says won’t tell me Angad and Shaiba serve as a couple in Gurudwara they are just staying together only. Angad says that he will not serve with Shaiba and not come with her. Shaibha says that she will serve in Gurudwara every year even if he comes or not with her. The next day, Shaibha makes the dishes for Besakhi and servant Suri asks her why she did go to the market for buying groceries as she can say to her.

At Monga’s house, Sanjot realizes the value of Shaiba when he tells to Ajit to g grocery shops he tells him that he can’t go because he is getting late to reach the shop then Seerat says to Sanjot that she will get the groceries but  Santosh refuse to take any help from her. Manveer humiliates Shahiba when he knows that the meal is prepared by Shahiba and tells her how dare she enter the kitchen Inder also taunts her for dreaming of becoming a rich family bahu. Shaiba says who respects her and gives permission for her to enter in the kitchen is Akaal/Darji.


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