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Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th May 2023 Written Update


Hello, everyone here we are talking about today’s episodes of Ter meri Doriyaan. The latest written update of Teri Meri Doriyaan is on 9 May 2023. The episode starts when Veer informs about Seerat’s situation and that Seerat can’t come today because today is her marriage. Shaibha gets shocked and asks to Veer about the Boy who is he and what is his name but Veera says he does not know anything about the boy and other things. Veer says we can’t get help from Seerat. Sahiba says I don’t know if Keerat help us. Keerat went to Seerat’s house and asks Santosh to meet with her but Santosh says Keerat cant meet Seerat until her marriage. Keerat says she will help her to get ready for marriage but Santosh says she should have to learn to be ready by herself.

Teri Meri Doriyaan

Ajith informs Santosh that Karan and his friend have arrived. Keerat informs Shainha that Santosh stops her to meet Seerat and she can’t be met until her marriage. Shaiba says to Keerat you have to bring Seerat here at any cost.  In the Brar mansion, Garry and Sheneya’s engagement ceremony starts and Angad shows time is up to Shaiba. Pamela says to Garry she is her only daughter of her and always wants that she live her life happily. Garry asked to handle the media when reporters and media ask him if he is marrying under pressure from family then Akaal enters and says Shenaya is Manveers friend and Pamela’s daughter who grew up in this house with other kids so both families know each other.

Keerat enters Seerat’s room through the window and Seerat starts blaming Shaibha. Keerat stops her to put the blame on Shaiba and accuses Seerat trust blindingly on Garry instead of her own sister Shaibha and says I am here to bring you out from here and take you to the Brar Mansion. Angad reminds Shaiba that she has to leave this house if she can’t prove her innocence and shows the time and says just a few hours left.

Jaspal hosts the event and introduces Garry and Shanaya. Jasleen thanks Inder for attending her son’s engagement ceremony and says she thought she would not come but Inder says that he is not like her who keeps grudges. Even though their family gives them pain but he always thinks of Angad and Garry as equals ad really wants good for them. Jaspal announces Shanaya/Garry and Sahiba/Angad’s performances. Garry taunts Angad if his wife accepted defeat.


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