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Teri Meri Doriyaan Latest Written Update 13 August 2023


The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 13 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when the inspector making asking Manveer to sit here as they have to investigate everyone and the inspector says to the Brars that Kidnappers told them that a woman from this house gave Simran to them. Hansraj says if the kidnappers make fools of them and lie to them but the police say they have to investigate.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Sahibha worries about Simran and Inder. Angad tells he will stay with Simran and then Sahibha praise Angad that he proved himself again that he is the armour for his family and tells that even though their relationship started unwanted but now she is proud herself that she is Brar’s daughter-in-law and proud to be Angad’s wife and this conversation is overheard by Seerat secretly and after the end of their conversation she also leaves from there.

Angad asks Sahibha how did she find out about the kidnapper’s location and then she says Veer’s friend track the location we reached to Simran then Angad asks Sahibha and Inder to go to the house and come after taking a rest and asks Sahibah to bring clothes when she comes to hospital and then all leaves from the hospital except Angad meanwhile Seerat follows Angad and seeing Angad fall asleep and gives to shoulder to him but Angad get stunned after seeing Seerat and asks what she is doing here?

Seerat says she just wants to support him when she heard about Simran and you admit her to the hospital and she just wants to support him but Angad clarified that this is wrong and she should be not here and said he knows Seeart have to feel for him but Seerat said therefore she apologised which she did say last night to him but Angad says don’t talk about that now and neither in the future.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Angad asks Seerat to forget all about what happened and don’t tell anyone about this then Seerat asks if he will not tell Sahibha then he says no and he can’t see Sahibha getting hurt meanwhile inspector investigates the lady staff of the bear house and accuses her but Sahiubha comes and says this is not right and asks Akaal this and says they should not let investigate the staff as they will think they are poor that why they did not believe on them.

Manveer comes to Sahibha’s room and asks Sahibha what she wants to do and accuses Sahibha that she wants to see her humiliated by her family and says it will never happen.


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