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Teri Meri Doriyaan Latest Written Update 2 August 2023


The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 2 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Simran prepares a sandwich for Angad but the toaster malfunctions and creates sparks and the power goes off. Simran screams for saving and then hugs Angad after seeing him and tells then Shahibha also comes and sees them then Sahibha asks if she is hungry so why she would not tell her she will make anything for her?

Teri meri Doriyaan

Simran tells she did not hungry and she just wants to prepare toast for Angad because he did not eat anything since morning and tells to Manveer please tell him to have food and anything he did not eat since the morning. Sahibha takes Simran from there.

Angad walks to Akaal and asks if he can sit with him for some time. Akaal nods yes. Angad says Manveer wanted a daughter, but before that, Manveer and Inder’s relationship turned sour; he got attached to Simran when he met her for the first time and wanted to do a lot for her, but after knowing the truth, his opinion towards her changed; it’s not Simran’s mistake that she is born illegitimate and thinks of keeping her at Brar house.

Angad goes out without saying anything from the room of Akaal when he said that he could not keep Simaran here someone asks about her so they are told that she is illegitimate and their family’s reputation will be ruined.

Teri meri Doriyaan

The next morning, Brars having breakfast when the orphanage manager comes Mr Dhillon walks in and then Manveer introduces him and then Inder comes and tells her she cannot do this Shaibha also asks why are you doing this? Then Shaibha request Angad to help but he refused and signed the documents.

Simran cries hearing their conversation and packs her bag with Angad and Inder’s given gifts, recalling tying rakhi to Angad, etc. Inder pleads to Angad not to send his daughter and then Angad says he has to choose between Simaran and Angad and if he chooses Simran so he will leave this house with his mother all get shocked and request to Angad to not leave but then he gets the teddy he ordered in the middle of talk.

Simran walks out with her bag and reads Angad’s message with the teddy. She asks Angad if he got this teddy for her. Manveer says Angad is not her brother and asks Veer to call Mr Dhillon. Simran says she knows, hence she herself packed her bags.


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