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Teri Meri Doriyaan Latest Written Update 23 August 2023


The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 23 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Anagad still tries to stop to take Sahibha’s body to the morgue when Wardboy takes Sahibha’s body to the morgue but Aangad does not let her go and hugs tightly to Sahibha tightly and asks to get up you have to wake up for us and not letting Sahibha’s body for the morgue and then Angad tears falls on Sahibha and she holds Angad hand then Aangad says look Sahibha is alive she held his hand.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Sahibaga gets her breath All are surprised after seeing that Sahibha is alive and then the doctor says that she heard about the miracles but the first time sees the first time and she asks to take Sahibha to the ICU.

Angad happily hugs Japjyoth and says Sahiba is alive. Sahiba opens her eyes and calls Angad. Angad happily holds her hand. Jabjyoth tells Seeart that she also still could not believe but this is the reality that Sahibha is alive now and Rab did a miracle then Veer comes to Jabjyoth and says Angad and Sahiubha really made for each other and they are true lovers meanwhile Seeart thinks if Angad true love took out Sahiba from death.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Sahibha opens her eyes and calls Angad Then he comes and asks her to call Angad’s name again while holding her hand and then Sahibha asks about Simaran and he tells her she is fine and then Santosh tells Sahiabha Angad has full trust that she will be alright and nothing will happen to you and Angad was right you fine now and then doctor asks family members to leave from there they have to check Sahibha if she is alright now.

Angad also goes but Sahibha holds his hands and then tells Sahibha he is outside and not going anywhere and he will not let her go then he comes outside the room and Inder hugs him Ajith also hugs Angad and Santosh apologize to Angad.

All the family hug each other with happiness meanwhile Seerat gets upset seeing them and then Angad comes to Sahibha she asks him how he assured her that she is not dead and then Angad says he believed the promise that is made to her that she will come back to him and express to continue his love for Sahibha.

After 15 days Brars made and prepared arrangements for Sahibha’s welcome and Seerat got jealous. Hansraj taunts Seerat that one shall have a fate like Sahiba‚Äôs. Sahibha and Angad reach home.


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