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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 8 September 2023: Today’s Update


The latest written update on today’s episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan 8 September 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Sahibha enters her room and sees Angad enjoying grapes like a king on the bed Veer Playing Guitar for him and Keerat doing fan service to him and then Sahibha asks what they are doing. Angad says he is the king of the Brar family and says he needs special treatment and then Keerat says she is a princess and Veer is the prince of this Kingdom.

Teri meri Doriyaan

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update 8 September 2023

Sahibha asks to stop this drama and jokes to Angad and says she needs more support to keep the responsibilities that are given to her Then tells him she already saw Manveer’s face She is not happy with this decision and Angad tries to praise her and asks if she knows her name meaning so Keerat interferes and tells that she knows Sahibha means boss, owner and then Sahibha smiles slightly when Angad tells to her that Sahibha means who on the all heart wisdom and tells to don’t worry and supports to her.

Gurleen comes and informs them that Jasleen arguing with Akaal and Jabjyoth and then they all get together in a room where Aangad and Sahibha see that Jasleen asks for her rights and to give her shares in the business as she has the right but Akaal tries to make her understand and explain that she never do willingly help and don’t want to move forward ownself.

Angad asks her to stop insulting his wife repeatedly. Jasleen says Akaal takes everyone’s opinion before making any decision, she will never accept their decision of Sahiba as head of the family. Sahiba asks Japjyoth to let it go as she doesn’t want any issues in the family and then Jabjyoth praise Sahiubha and says she again proves that she is really capable of handling the family.

Akaal and Jasleen get into an argument where Akaal says she does not want to move forward as she had no idea and he did not see a leader in her who would take along with everyone to success and she loses all the relationships she had in her hands and then Jasleem says Akaal hurt her continuously on that point where she hurt the most and asks again to give her rights.

Jasleen stops Manveer and asks if she also not attend the meeting and then Manveer says she knows everything that happened Jalseen tries to provoke Manveer against Sahibha and all other family members and says that one day Manveer’s condition will be the same as Jasleen ‘ss today. Simran asks Angad and Sahibha if she sleeps with them but Angad says no Sahibha says yes and then Simran bends for the clip but Angad kisses Sahibha mistakenly and both feel shy and nervous.


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