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Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update: Angad’s Birthday


The latest written update on today’s episode Teri Meri Doriyaan 21 May 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Sahibha comes out from Angad’s room Akaal asks her where is Angad then she replies she doesn’t know then Hansraj makes comments about Sahiba shifting to Angad’s room without anyone knowing. Veer tells Sahiba today is Angads birthday. Everyone gives wishes of happy birthday to Angad. Sahiba also wishes Angad when Veer tells her.

Teri Meri Doriyaan

Angad tells to not talk about Garry when Inder makes a comment about Garry and Jasleen thinks that Angad will forgive him Garry meanwhile Jabjyot gives the responsibility of the birthday party arrangement of Angad. Angad leaves there when Jasleen wishes her happy birthday to Angad on behalf of Garry and herself.

Angad sees Seerat falling when she is trying to get on the bus. Angad offers a seat to Seerat to drop her then she agrees. Angad asks her why she is covering her face and where she want to go then she tells all her neighbors, and family is commenting and insulting her even also those who don’t know her. Seerat asks Angad if he can forgive her and recalls what she did to Angad but Angad tells that he did not want to talk about it. Angad stops Seerat at her destination and leaves there.

Seerat comes to Sahiba’s shop. Sahiba encourages Seerat and teachers her how to do the work. Sahiba says she will teach her and they both will make their parents proud. She teaches her to paint and says she will go home early today as it’s Angad’s birthday. Seerat thinks if she knew before, she would have also wished for Angad.

Sahiba returns home and decorates the house with white flowers. Manveer scolds her for decorating the house with a white theme instead of Angad’s favorite color. Shahiba says that Angad will like the decoration. Gurleen praises Sahiba for decorating beautifully and Prabjyot also asks Sahiba how she knew Angad liked and dislike so soon.

Gurleen praises Sahibha on the other hand, when Angad reached the shop Garry opens the door. At the end of the episode, Garry will ask for forgive him from Angad. Angad recalls Garryys betrayal and calls the security guard to kick him out of there. Angad is crying to see Garry leaving in the mirror of the Car. Kindly share your thoughts and reviews in the comment box and stay tuned to Social Telecast.


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