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Texas Sonic Shooting: 12-Year-Old Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting


Today we are going to share about the incident which happened in Texas where twelve years old boys are accused of shooting and killing. This incident raises concern about kids and teenagers who become preparators without knowing it. This news becomes viral all over social media platforms and news channels. This news leaves everyone in shock and terror in their hearts how can today’s kids doing like these dangerous things and ruin their life? To know more details about this case scroll down the page ad continue to read.

Texas Sonic Shooting

Texas Sonic Shooting

A twelve years old boy was accused of shooting and killing an employee at a Sonic Drive-in restaurant in Texas after an argument in the parking lot. According to the reports, the Victim identified as Matthew Davis was thirty-two years old and worked at Sonic Drive. This incident happened on Saturday night when Angel Gomez who is twenty years old confronted by Matthew because of the disorderly parking lot.

Sonic Shooting

Matthew and Gomez who is 20 years old got into a worse argument and then their tragedy turn into a physical fight. In the middle of their fight, a suspicious car comes and then 12 years old boy fires six shots with AR Style 22 rifle on the victim. Then the culprits fled away from the scene.

According to police, they were informed around 9:40 p.m. on that day and they rushingly took Matthew Davis who was the victim to the hospital where he was found dead and could not survive due to his deadly injuries. The culprit was captured and arrested when he returned to the parking lot and also officers located the Juvenile 12 years old boy and recovered several firearms when he was taken into custody.

Davis leaves behind a 10-year-old son, according to a fundraiser to support his family and cover funeral costs. As of Tuesday, the fundraiser had raised over $10,000.Sonic company also shared condolences with him and said We were saddened to learn about the tragedy involving a franchised team member in Keene, Texas. The franchisee is cooperating fully with local authorities as they conduct their investigation. Our condolence to him and we hope he will be in heaven but it is the most difficult time for his family and especially for his 10-year-old son we pray to god to give strength to him to face this situation.

Gomez and Boy both were charged with murder. The juvenile is in detention in Granbury and it is still unknown if he had an attorney. No other information is available regarding this case till now. If we get any update related to this case we will inform you so stay tuned to always on Social Telecast.


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