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The Big Hit Entertainment 2021 Audition Registration Online Girl/ Female India BTS Group Name


Hey readers, the quite anticipated show Big Hit Entertainment is ready to make you surprised because soon it will take place among the fans. Hence, the Global audition is being organized by the makers, so that, everyone can make their registration for the show. So now since the news has come to the public, everyone’s curiosity has increased because this is a show, that can change the fate of the contestants. Therefore we have mentioned comprehensive details below that will help you to get all essential details such as how to register, when will it be commenced, about Judges, etc. 

The Big Hit Entertainment 2021 Audition

Basically, the BHE (Big Hit Entertainment) organizes by the makers to figure out a new Kpop group, which will make their debut in 2021. The show allows both males and females as contestants, but there are some criteria which the interested contestant needs to know. Because brief information always proves beneficial and half incomplete knowledge is very harmful. So as per the reports, Age criteria stand first under which only those participants can enter who born in between 2001- 2007. Because every show has its own format, due to which it gets fame and will happen in BHE too.

The auditions of Big Hit Entertainment 2021 are taking place online where 12-18 years old males/ females can participate from all over the world. All methods are being done online so you will have to do the same for Bighitentertainment Auditions 2021. They have set an official portal, so you will have to visit the site and submit your application form, then the decision will be taken by the team because all privileges are under their hands under which, they will shortlist the participants.


  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand


  • After visiting the portal a page will open
  • Enter the essential details which will show on your screen
  • Press the verification button after submitting the details
  • Within a while, you will get an e-mail and you will have to verify that too
  • After completing the registration click on the Big Hit Auditions 2021 Online.

Some essential details are here related to the show that Big Hit Entertainment has finalized a few categories such as Singing, Acting, and Modeling. Auditions called KPOP Audition 2021 even the official portal (Bighitaudition.com) has set by the makers. Under the age group of 12-18 years, males/females can participate and registration methods are being done by makers officially. Here is the list of where the auditions will hold as per schedule. Los Angeles New York City, Melbourne Australia, Parth Singapore, Seoul South Korea, HO CHI Nibh in Vietnam, etc.




  1. Hey I don’t know if I’m able to be a k-pop if I am from the USA and from Chicago and I’m 25 but this been my dream since I was younger and I always wanted to become a k-pop ideal but I was to scared to do it now I have chase my dream


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