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The Devil Inside Ullu Web Series Full Episode Review Online Actress Star Cast Name


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, get ready for another extremely fascinating and arousing Ullu Web show The Devil Inside. The streaming site has recently launched the extremely sizzling trailer of the show and it again manages to fetch the attention of the audience. All the fans are eagerly waiting for the show as not only is the trailer of the show is much attractive, but again the show is featuring some of the drop-dead gorgeous in the lead. Both the actress again impressing the audience. The show will start streaming on 13th August 2021.

the devil inside

Well, according to the latest reports, The Devil Inside is also featuring The Family Man fame Sharib Hashmi in the lead role. Along with him some of the extremely beautiful and notable stars of the entertainment industry including Arshi Khan and Ananya Sengupta. The show is streaming on the digital platform and the audience giving a favourable response from the audience. Along with the continuation of the bold sequences the story of the show is also fascinating. The plot centres around an ordinary middle-aged single man Sharib. Well, Sharib usually gets teased by her friends and sub-ordinated as he is single.

Somewhere Sharib is falling for his boss’s daughter Ananya, who only have sympathy in his heart for Sharib and nothing else. Later, Sharib gets married all of sudden to a ravishing and seductive Kamini. She just woos anyone with bewitching charm and the same happens with Sharib’s boss who gets enchanted with Kamini’s beauty. He is attractive toward Kamini and starts talking with her, but Sharib doesn’t like it at all and reprimands Kamini for being over-friendly with his boss. Later, the boss directly asked Sharib that he wants to spend a night with his wife. Sharib gets stunned hearing him.

The situation gets more tensed when neither Sharib’s boss listen to him nor his wife. The boss barges into Sharib’s home and forcefully make physical relation with Kamini and all get recorded. Sharib shows it to Ananya and he got shocked to see his father doing all this. While Sharib either tries to make relation with Ananya. Let’s see what is going to happen next, it would be highly amusing. So, enjoy the exclusive show on Ullu and live up to your fantasy. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on The Devil Inside.



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