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The Dungeon Of Black Company Episode 4 Release Date Time & Spoilers Where To Watch Online?


There is no doubt that the Manga series is making its fan base strong among the audience across the world. In the midst of plenty more animated series called “Dungeon of Black Company ” is another reason to take a moment out of the busy schedule to watch it. As you all know that the captivating concept has completed its 3 episodes so far where it made viewers crazy to watch the show. Now as you all are excited to know and searching Dungeon of Black Company episode 4 release date so here it is, go down to check.

The Dungeon Of Black Company Episode 4 Release Date Time & Spoilers Where To Watch Online?

The show kickstarted on the 9th of July with the first-ever episode titled “Welcome to the World of Corporate Grunts” and from the very first episode the show is gathering its audience and that too fresh one. After the previous episode, the show left its audience in suspense that what will be next. There are plenty more things that must be popping in your brain and here you will get complete that you were looking over the internet. From characters to concepts every single thing is notable in this super amazing story and it is just expected because it is created by one of the most amazing writers specialists in manga series named Yōhei Yasumura.

The Dungeon of Black Company Characters:

  • Kinji Ninomiya
  • Rim
  • Wanibe
  • Belza
  • Boss Goblin
  • Shia
  • Ranga
  • Dungeon Ant A

If we talk about the characters so there are a total of 8 super characters that you have checked and if we talk about the voices behind the characters so, Kinji Ninomiya voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, Rim by Misaki Kuno, Wanibe by Hiro Shimono, Belza by Satomi Satō, Boss Goblin by Wataru Takagi, Shia by Megumi Toda, Ranga by M.A.O, Dungeon Ant A by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka all the artists have done their job very well and their voice is the main reason behind the popularity of the show.

Well, the 4th episode of Dungeon of Black Company titled Crazy Deathmatch will release on July 30th along with English subtitles to make you feel warm and energetic and in the episode, your excitement will resume that went on pause in the 3rd episode. So stay tuned with us to read more entertainment-related news and gossips till then stay ready to experience the level up drama in the forthcoming episode of the show


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