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The Masked Singer Australia 3 (2021): Volcano & Duster Face Revealed As Vinnie jones & George Calombaris Spoilers


Reality shows are the ones where the makers try to bring something new every time and they have to keep it always because the audience always expects something new something different therefore every reality show has something different rather than others and this is the main reason behind their popularity and the same thing has done by The Masked Singer Australia where a contestant is grabbing the headlines after unmasking himself. Stick around to get the complete details on the just happened incident on the set of TMS.

Volcano Vinnie jones

Well, you must have heard about the show called The Mask Singer Australia which is dropping better from one another episodes in its 3rd season to make its audience feel over the moon but the things went spicy after the Monday episode where the singer who had set the show on fire lift his mask and shocked everyone with his real identity. When Volcano was unmasking himself people were getting curious to see the real face of their favourite masked singer, the entire set got shocked when they saw the English-Welsh actor and also the former football player Vinnie Jones behind the mask of Volcano. You can make a scenario about the entire scene that was made at the time of this revealing.

Well, saying this won’t be bad that in this show people keep their real identity hide until they go out of the show and no doubt every single participant is doing the same just to gain popularity but there was so much noise of people as they went crazy to see Vinnie on the set because he is one of the most famous celeb people always die to meet and watching him without even knowing that he was the one whom audience was listening for a while. When he lifted his mask not only people but also judges went crazy because they were also in the dark about the real side of Volcano.

When most of the people were screaming our judges and some other faces from the audience went shocked and after a little moment they smile and sigh seeing the already celeb on the set. Same as a real volcano Vinne said behind the mask that when this volcano will lift this mask there will be a different kind of environment take place and no doubt when he did it everything has happened as his words. Stay tuned with us to get more entertaining and jaw-dropping updates like this. Hit the comment box and share your opinion that how would you feel if you were there.


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