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The Owl House Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date Spoilers


The horror-comedy animated fantasy series titled “The Owl House Season 2” has been prepared to entertain the viewers with its new episode. Yes, the fans of the popular American series will get to witness episode 10 as the creators have announced its release date. It has released a total of 9 entertaining episodes that succeeded in hooking the fans to the edge of their seats while the first season had grabbed huge attention as well. Without any delay, let’s get the crucial information of this immensely popular series including the spoilers, preview with a glance at episode 9.

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Previously in the series, Luz was seen sick as she had caught a common cold. While the latter was recovering, her friends King, Eda, and Amity decided to find the portal door which will take them to the human world. Apart from finding the door, it was also a chance for Amity to declare her love for Luz. Another side, Hunter was also seen being on a mission as he was afraid that he might get replaced. To prevent his replacement, Hunter was searching for Titan’s blood. However, he has to find his blood quickly otherwise Kikimora would succeed in finding it.

Further in the episode, Hunter gets informed by the mouse that he can find Titan’s blood at Eclipse Lake. Though after reaching there, Hunter encounters the trio Amity, King, and Ed who tie him up to prevent him from fleeing. Episode 9 was titled “Eclipse Lake” where Amity, Ed, and King enter the said lake to meet Kikimora and his guards. Later, they realize that the lake is dried but they come to know that the portal key would have the blood. In the end, Luz gets recovered as the trio manages to obtain Titan’s blood.

Scheduled to be released on August 14, 2021, The Owl House Season 2 Episode 10 will be titled “Yesterday’s Lie” which will be telecasted at 10 AM ET/ 9 AM CT. Episode 10 will feature Luz getting recovered from her common cold while her relationship with Anmity will also get improved. Besides, Luz will struggle to decide between returning home. She questions if she is still ready or not. New episodes of the horror series that are 22-24 minutes long get telecasted every Saturday. The viewers can watch this 21 episodes long season on Disney while it is also available to watch on Disney+ and Disney now. To know when will episode 11 be released, follow our site and get updated.


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