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The Sexy Beasts Season 2 Star Cast Who Is Mick? Everything To Know About


Nowadays, the Dragon Made his debut presentation in the 6th episode of Sexy Beats season 2 and set havoc among the admirers of the show. Because everyone is curious to get the details about the person whose face hides behind the mask, according to the show, six new eligibles strip away indifference for stylishly costumed dates. So below you can check the comprehensive details about the Mick who appeared in the character of Dragon. Ever since, a glimpse of his identity appeared in front of the audience, he became the subject of discussion, because whenever someone reveals their personality after taking a weird look, so the audience pays their attention to know more about them.

Who Is Mick From The Sexy Beasts Season 2


As per the reports, Mick the Dragon is well familiar as a professional musician who released his initial single, in June 2021 beside it, he has released his second track as well called “What’s The Meaning” he has given several hits such as Days-Weeks, Trainwreck, and Happily ever after. If the sources are to be believed, so he is also working as a part-time tour guide, and interested in the parties during the weekends. He also likes to explores Nashville State in his free time.

It is being reported, that Mick said in an Interview “He is looking for someone who can spend her life with him as a partner” but when we talk about his journey of the Sexy Beasts Season 2, he has amazing chemistry with Angella Katherine, who is founder and CEO of AKIN by Katherine Cosmetic Brand. He had a choice to choose someone as a partner but he knew that only Angella is the best companion for him. Therefore he choose her over everyone, which was a bit shocking for the rest of the contestants.

After grabbing the attention he decided to reveal his face because the spotlight surrounded him from four corners. He got popular as an incredible musician and actor Mich Khoury, At the same time, he has worked as an actor in the SONIC Drive-In ad campaign since the 20th of January 2020. Besides this, he is a self-employed portfolio manager since 2011, he had also contributed to equity research for the Public Property trade companies like Snap INC. So we have mentioned such details here which came as per the sources, but still, a few pieces of information are yet to be revealed so whenever we will get more we will update you.


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