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The Youngest 12-year-old Guy Clovis Hung Is graduate from Fullerton College with five degrees


The shocking news has come on the internet. A 12-year-boy collects five degrees at a young age, he breaks the record in this world. We know you also get shocked after hearing this news. But, it is true. Are you excited to know more information about this boy, because other people are very curious and they ask many questions like, Where he is from? How did he get the degrees? Who is his parents? How many he is intelligent? But we have all the answers to your question. We have worked very hard to give you information about this child. Without wasting any time let us start this article.

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The name of Clovis Hund who was a 12-year-old boy who got five degrees from Fullerton College. This is a very great achievement that he achieved at a young age. Hung’s parents and the college teacher feel very proud of him because he breaks the study record. The journey to five associate degrees at such a young age is a remarkable one, and it is a testament to the extraordinary intellectual capacity, dedication, and resilience that this exceptional student possesses. It is a milestone that is not only commendable but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The boy, Jack Rico, enrolled in Fullerton College at only fifteen years of age with the aim of turning his dream of being an astronomer into a reality. However, as he progressed through college, he found that he had a great passion for learning and began taking more challenging courses in various fields like history, library science, and sociology, among others. And also Hung’s hard work, discipline, and unconditional support from family, peers, and educators have undoubtedly been instrumental in this achievement. However, it is the unwavering focus and dedication of this young genius that is truly inspiring.

It is with great pleasure and admiration that we celebrate the academic achievement of a remarkable 12-year-old student who has recently become the youngest person to earn five associate degrees from Fullerton College. We salute this exceptional 12-year-old student on their remarkable academic achievement. We are grateful for their remarkable effort, and we are proud to celebrate their achievements with them. Their story exemplifies the highest ideals of academic excellence, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. And the article ends here. We hope this information clears your doubts deeply. So, don’t forget to follow Social Telecast.


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