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Thea White Death Cause/ Reason American Voice Actress: Courage The Cowardly Dog Muriel Bagge


Courage The Cowardly Dog, everyone has already heard the name of this cartoon, it was a fantastic cartoon that played its magic on TV from 1999 to 2002. Its main character was a pink dog who was very timid but when trouble surrounded his owners, he used to face them fiercely. The cartoon made such a huge fan following that it became famous all over the world. Other characters in the cartoon Muriel and Eustace used to be the owners of Courage Dog, and it is also said that they were voiced by White and Lionel Wilson.

THEA WHITE Death cause

Now your curiosity is getting increased to know a bit more about Thea White and her real identity, so Thea White was born on 16th June 1940 at USA’s Newark, New Jersey. She was quite familiar with her unique voice and she had given it in plenty of cartoons, such as Aunt Margaret, Corey In Pacola, Scooby-Doo, Legend Of The Phantosour, and especially in Courage The Cowardly Dog as Muriel. As per the exclusive reports and sources, Thea was married to Andy White who used to be a musician, but he has passed away in 2015, Even today people like to hear the voice of Thea as Muriel.

Thea White Death Cause

But since Thea’s brother John Zitzner has confirmed the news of her death, there is an atmosphere of sorrow among her fans on social media. Because the very best voice artist is no more with us, She passed away on 31st July 2021 at 11:05 and he has also shared an emotional caption with the post in memory of his Sister. A video had also shared by her for her fans in which she is seen talking about her speedy recovery. In which her fans also came to know that she was suffering from cancer and her brother was urging people to pray for his sister’s health.

The reactions of all her fans are coming out as the news of her demise was very sad for everyone. Because no one thought that their favourite cartoon voice artist would be gone forever, Most of her fans took to Twitter to pay tribute to her as it is the only way to pay tribute to her. She has died at the age of 81, A lot of tribute messages have been shared which has flooded Twitter. Everyone is praying for her soul’s peace and we will also pray to God for her soul’s peace.


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