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Tiger Woods Apologises After Giving Justin Thomas a Tampon During Genesis Invitational Round


Once again, Tiger Woods and Justin Thompson are again coming into the limelight ever since their recent exploit came out on social networking sites, and as soon as the incident sparked controversy Tiger Wood had to apologize for any offense he caused after he has appeared discreetly handing Justin Thomson after outdriving his playing partner at the Genesis Invitational. In short, as soon as the news is getting circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines to such an extent. Below you can explore the further information you need to know along with some unknown facts.

Tiger Woods apologises after giving Justin Thomas a tampon

As per the exclusive reports or sources, seldom a day would have been crossed of coming to the stuff out on social networking sites and in spite of this, uncounted reactions commenced hitting the headlines and therefore, many searches are spotted on the right keyword so that, everything can come to the fore along with that information which had remained a bit intricated and thus the entire attention has been grabbed by the incident so this is the reason, everything is remaining the hot discussion among everyone especially those who know both of them.

Tiger Woods Apologizes To Justin Thomson?

Reportedly, Thomas laughed and dropped the tampon to the ground as the Americans stepped off the ninth tee. Woods, 47, spoke: “It was planned to be all fun and games, but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way. He us sorry if he offended anyone in any way, shape, or form, he continued.”It was not the desired outcome. They play pranks on one another all the time and virally I think this did not come across that way, but between us it was, it’s different.” Woods is playing in his first competitive PGA Tour event since missing the cut at The Open in July.

So here, we have mentioned such pieces of information which have been derived from other significant sources, and therefore, still, a few details are pending to be unveiled and this is the only reason when something will come to the fore, we will make you familiar for sure, as our team is also looking to get the details and thus, as long as we get something you do not need to chase any false narrative or rumors. So when something will arrive we will make you familiar for sure, stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast


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