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TikTok Star Fr3sh10 Died In Accident Check Video Who Was Fr3sh10 Wiki Biography Bio Age


The year has seen so many tragic deaths that it’s even impossible to have a count. Well, another person lost his life recently. A tik toker named @fr3sh10 has reportedly died in a very unfortunate motorbike accident. The saddening news is coming ahead from Canada where the Tik Tok star belongs to. The real name of this popular user was Fouad Haddad who used to post entertaining content on the aforementioned app in Ottawa, Canada. The boy has a huge number of followers who are finding it hard to believe this shocking death news of user fr3sh10.


They have been flooding the social media platforms with heavy posts and are expressing their sorrow over his tragic demise. One of his fans posted a tweet on Twitter where he stated about Fouad’s character. The user described him as a jolly natured who brought happiness to the people through his positive content. Another user wrote that it’s upsetting to believe that one of his favourite content creators has passed away this early and that they are going to miss his smile and way of living life. Another one penned that fr3sh10 has exchanged his tires for the wings.

The disheartening news of fr3sh10 death was informed by the citizens of Ottawa. They stated that the Tik Toker has passed away after meeting with a motorbike accident. It was Wednesday evening when the incident took place near Perth. While the crash happened about 7:23 PM at Bennet Lake Road, northwest of Perth in Tay Valley township. They further stated that the accident was a single-vehicle crash considering no other person has lost their lives. After the accident, the citizens present there immediately took Fouad Haddad to a nearby hospital but sadly, he lost his life.

However, how did the sudden crash happen has become the topic of discussion. What could have caused the Tik Tok star to die soon after the accident is still not revealed yet. The police have been investigating the collision and as soon as we receive any updates regarding the death, it will be updated here as well. Fouad Haddad was passionate about motorbiking and used to post regarding the same. Some of his videos even have millions of likes and views. After Fouad’s death came into the news, some of his friends including Donovan Ruckman, having 1.2 million followers on the said app, have been posting tribute videos for fr3sh10.


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