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TikTok Star Sierra Steadman Humiliated by Alaska Airlines Attendant For Wearing Crop Top


An unusual piece of the news coming in front of people, which has recently created a lot of discussion on social media, because a woman has said that travelling in a crop top became the cause of her humiliation. Because A flight Attendant of Alaska dishonoured her and did not even allow her to enter the flight. The girl is a TikTok user called Sierra Steadman and she is a  social media influencer too and is claiming that she was humiliated in front of everyone by the flight attendant. Check the entire piece of information given below comprehensively. 

Sierra Steadman

As per the exclusive reports, the video has been watched by approximately 5 million people in which, she clearly appears while wearing a grey hoddie along with a face mask. But her tears are not stopping at all therefore she shared a video with a caption in which she wrote that ” If flight attendant rebukes or humiliates someone right in front of the entire passengers so it could be embarrassing enough, meanwhile she says that she never ever faced such shame, dishonour at all as she had to face there”. She claimed that when she urged him that she will close her hoodie but despite this, he does not agree.

Further, she mentioned that she made her distance from the flight attendant because she was screaming close to her face, which is inappropriate. She also claimed that they have held her hand too and says that they did not have any reason to humiliate her but despite this, they did not stop themselves and kept on passing derogatory remarks. But Despite this, she urged them so that, they can allow her to attend the flight. After her viral video uncounted people seen to support her on social media because no one has the right to pass remarks on someone’s attire.

Steadman has conferred an apology, where she mentioned that her mother Shannon got something from airlines after filing the complaint against them. In which they wrote that ” they feel guilty for their airline’s staff’s behaviour but for the next they assure that no one will face such circumstances, do not worry because they always try hard to provide best comfort zone to their passengers”. Further mentioned that they will take it seriously and investigate it comprehensively, as she claimed so that, they can also figure out the entire reason or truth behind the incident.



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